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IRS Levy & Garnishment Release

The IRS and the State’s tax commission are the largest and most powerful collection agencies you will deal with in our life. They have the ability, without a court order, to garnish your wages. This can be one of the most stressful and scary processes one can go through. Many times, the process is started because you have had other financial set backs that prevent paying off your tax debt fully. When you add a wage garnishment to your life it can set your whole life upside down.

When you receive a Wage Garnishment from the State or the IRS, your employer should contact you. IF this has happened, call us immediately. There is a chance release the garnishment before your next paycheck. It is not always possible to get this released, but the sooner you contact us the more likely we will be able to release your Bank Levy. Make sure that you get the fax number and the contact name for the individual at your employer for when we are able to send an immediate Wage Garnishment Release.

Our whole purpose at Resolute Tax Services is to provide immediate relief and quick resolution with your Tax situation. A Wage Garnishment Release can be a very difficult, and time consuming process. I know the process and what the IRS and State needs in order to release your wage garnishment immediately.

With the release, I will provide a road map to get your situation resolved. Your back taxes will need to be filed if they haven’t and tax debt resolved. It is possible to set up a Payment Plan that will work with your financial situation. We may also have the option to do an Offer in Compromise and settle your total debt for much less than you currently owe.

If you feel like it may be an impending event contact us immediately to get the situation resolved. It is much easier to avoid a Wage Garnishment than it is to get one released.

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Client Testimonials

"Resolute Tax saved my life. I was spinning out of control. These guys came in and have given me guidance. It has been eight years and I still am in monthly contact with them. They really are the best." -Vijay

"I was going to owe taxes one year and I could not afford to pay so I didn't file. I put it off year after year and it snowballed into a huge mess. It went ten years and after much loss of sleep I finally followed a friends advice and called these guys. They took my situation and lifted this burden. It wasn't easy for them but they really took care of it." -Sam J

"Resolute Tax Services is phenomenal company. When I received the paperwork in the mail that I was being audited, I thought my life was over. Through lots of research I hired Resolute to handle my irs audit...and they did what I didn't think was possible. They got the IRS agent to recommend no changes be made to my return. They treated me with respect and caring. They helped me through this process so I could provide the documentation to support my return. I couldn't recommend them more highly!"- Marcie M

"Resolute Tax saved my life. I was depressed and really didn't know what to do. I felt like I couldn't work anywhere. I thought the IRS was unstoppable. Brandon at Resolute came in and got my case on hold so we could file the taxes and work out a resolution. Resolute Tax was as easy as a company can be to work with."- T. Albertson

"I was keeping everything from anyone. I was embarrassed of what I had got myself into with the IRS. I went to Resolute Tax and they have become a trusted friend. They got me out of the situation I was in. I saved not only thousands of dollars but parts of my life as well."- V. Karacca